Hello friends!  Happy to see you  made it here!

When I began working in my full-service salon, I quickly realized that there is so much more to this world than the superficial, and to tap into the beauty of everyone’s experiences would be something worth sharing.  I found the clients that shared their life stories to be some of the most beautiful, and not necessarily because they had the best hair or skin.  They were sharing their inner beauty with me.  My hope is that I can give back to these clients, finding a way to build on this inner beauty that already exists.sign n me

For those of you who I know as my clients and friends, you’ll be happy to see that I finally took your advice and started this blog!  For newcomers–welcome!  Thanks for visiting my brand-new blog, and I hope to see you in my salon soon.  In addition to the beauty tips and how-tos, so many folks have asked me questions related to general health, well-being and balance, that I realized I wanted to address those questions in a forum that is available to all, and not limited to conversations inside my salon.

I have found a great deal of interest not only in products and service options for our outer selves but in clean living via organic foods, exercise and emotional self-care for our inner selves.  I hope that you find these topics of interest as well, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas and also bringing to you other sources of information that might be interesting or helpful.

It is my goal to help my readers be more informed consumers, not only within their beauty interests but with everything they put in or do with their bodies (which affects beauty and appearance).   I’m a “why” person who always seeks answers and information, and when I do find the answers (from my questions or yours) I want to share them with you.


For more information about A Cut Above (a full service salon for both men and women) and all the services we have to offer, please visit us here.  Until then, remember to take care of you!



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