Find Your Passion

I have been so impressed with the stories my clients will share with me.  Through normal conversation, I learn what they are truly most passionate about.  As they speak about their passion, the joy they feel cannot be denied, it shows on their face and you can hear it in their voice.  This makes them very happy!  They feel an escape from the normal day-to-day when they can immerse themselves in the thing that makes them feel a little bit more alive.  It works, like magic, bringing balance and joy back into a life out of balance.hobbies

This thing, this passion, changes their attitude about themselves, if only for a moment, whether they realize it or not.  I can see their body language change, their head is held a little higher, the spark in their eye ignites, just by merely talking about that thing they love to do, or that someone they love to be with, or that life-changing experience they excitedly remember.

The human experience is a precious one.  It’s a wonderfully unique journey; and I feel quite fortunate to be allowed to travel along with my clients as they tell their story.  If only for the hour we are together, I am transported.  If only through my mind’s eye, I have traveled with my clients to Mexico, Germany, Italy, Alaska, New Zealand and New York City (to name only a few);  I have seen their movies, local plays and ate at their restaurants;  I have read their books and comics and magazines.  I have learned about photography, acting, wood-working, singing, acrylic and watercolor painting, and pottery.  I now have a better appreciation for  hiking, bicycling, college football, camping, sky diving, swimming and even roller derby.  I have learned that beyond the typical dog and cat, pets such as rats, rabbits and snakes can be loved by their humans.

What is your passion?  What is it that you do or experience that makes you feel a little more alive?  Is it a tangible thing you create or more of an experience?  Don’t know?  Then take the time to learn this about yourself.  With life’s pressures and deadlines and demands, don’t you deserve to have the joy true passion can bring?  I know you do, so GO! Find your passion!

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