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Sensational Cinnamon

Tis the season to start using more of those warming-to-the-scenes spices like: cinnamon.  This ancient spice has been around for centuries.  But hey!  Did you know: Cinnamon has been used as a botanical medicine since about 2,700 BC – What!? … Continue reading

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Mindless Eating and Popcorn

We all do it, yet most of us don’t even know we do it.  I am reading the book, Mindless Eating by Brian Wanskink, PhD. and here is only one example of Mindless Eating: In a study done of moviegoers … Continue reading

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Salt Is Of The Devil

Okay.  Admittedly, that was a bit over-dramatic.  But if we are to rely on the media, any time sodium is mentioned, it is about how bad it is!  So of course, in my limited understanding, I thought abandon all salt!  Eradicate … Continue reading

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Are You Blue Over Yellow Nails?

If you are a smoker or just a lover of  bright or dark colored nail polish, I am willing to bet at one time or another, you have cringed at the yellowish tint that has stained your nails.  No reason … Continue reading

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