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Applauding the Appendage

Leave it to the ingenious creativity of humans to take what is no more than an appendage of our skin and turn it into a beautifully decorated and celebrated part of our bodies.  Specifically, I am referring to our nails.  Yep, those 20 … Continue reading

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Gray CAN be Gorgeous!

You’re looking in the mirror.  You see it.  There’s no denying it.  Your hair is going gray. Alas, what to do, what to do.  When is the right time to go all gray or stay on the tinting train?  And … Continue reading

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A Pimple By Any Other Name….

Pimple. Zit. Blemish. Acne. We have heard them all.  Young and old alike are subject to getting them. Pimples are not discriminating!  But what the heck are they?  Clogged pores. Duh.  Yeah, we know that, right.  But if you are … Continue reading

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Pass the Creative Energy Please

I went to a beauty show yesterday for professional hair stylists and found the talent and the creative energy of the platform artists awe-inspiring!  These artists had so much energy for what they do, the show actually ran two hours longer than scheduled, … Continue reading

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