Pass the Creative Energy Please

I went to a beauty show yesterday for professional hair stylists and found the talent and the creative energy of the platform artists awe-inspiring!  platformThese artists had so much energy for what they do, the show actually ran two hours longer than scheduled, simply because they wanted to share with us “just one more design.”  You cannot help feeling inspired after watching incredible talent like that.  You know what I mean?

You’ve seen it before: the street vendor sketching a masterpiece out of chalk on the sidewalk; the welder who welds scrap metal into the finest of sculptures; you have listened to a piece of music that moved you to your soul.  All these created by a person.  An artist.  chalk artAll for our senses – their senses – to enjoy.  When I have experienced such things I have often thought, “wow… I wish I could have that kind of creativity.”  Haven’t we all thought that?  Have you ever wondered where that creativity comes from?  I think some of us feel only some of us have this kind of creative energy. But why?

Did you ever think that maybe we all have the potential to possess this creative energy?  Maybe it’s there, within us all, but it’s just laying there, dormant, because you thought you didn’t “have the talent” for such things.

I challenge you to think about this: We have all been inspired by art, so what brings about the creative energy in artists and not in us (a.k.a. the “untalented”)?  Is it truly a DNA thing that only a select few have, or an “instinct” that compels them?  Or is it that those creative people are just more willing to dig deep into their own selves to wake the dormant personal talents within and bring them to action?

I mean, we all started out the same.  None of us knew how to read straight out of the womb, for example.  But we were taught, mentored and [hopefully] challenged by our parents or teachers to continue working on these skills.  As a result, those who worked at learning and honing their skills became excellent readers and those who didn’t, didn’t.  Practice makes perfect, they say.

I believe talent is God-given. But we all know about that pesky free-will too.  There’s that choice again:  Leave my talents dormant or find and release my own creative energy.  Decisions, decisions….

I guess my rambling has brought me to this conclusion:  If you have the slightest interest in something creative, even if it is only a slight feeling in your heart or thought in your mind right now, I believe your own creative energy can be nurtured into something as amazing as any artist.

Sometimes fear holds us back from releasing our creativity.  Feelings of inadequacy maybe.  Let’s face it. None of us are going to be another Shakespeare or John Lennon or Meryl Streep.  But why would you want to?  They have already made their mark in this world. That’s theirs. Not ours. Let them own their talent and you nurture yours.

I’m talking about developing your own personal best.  Find it. Embrace it. Make it your own.  Be willing to invest in your own interests.  Be willing to believe in yourself.  It just takes practice. Because with practice comes confidence and with confidence comes bravery and with bravery comes endless potential.

So, I am going to keep on practicing my craft(s).  I love doing anything where I can create something from nothing with my hands.  So I will continue to learn, to gain my confidence and become brave enough to break through any boundary I’ve previously set for myself.  Because I believe we all have the potential to discover and release our own creative energy.

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  1. Sandra Downie says:

    Well said sista! 👍👍👍😊😀

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