Angie Richards

profile 14

Angie at her salon, A Cut Above

Angie Richards, originally from New York, moved to the Northwest in 1980.  After 25+ years in the corporate world, she changed careers to the beauty industry with the goal of owning her own business.  A graduate from Manning Academy of Cosmetology, she is now a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician and manicurist.  In 2011 she took ownership of the A Cut Above salon in Vancouver, WA and has been successfully leading a team of beauty experts for the past three years.  Her years in the beauty industry have taught her that beauty is much more than just appearance, and she plans to use this forum as a guide to help women and men of all ages live beautifully from the inside out.

In addition to Angie’s years in the beauty industry, she has made it her mission to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible, both as a professional and as a consumer.  This includes everything from attending seminars to conferring with experts to doing good old-fashioned research.   You can be confident that any and all advice you receive here comes from a broad base of knowledge and a rigorous quest for information.

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